Hope For Paws rescue: Homeless dog named Bitty rescued from water sewer tunnel

Nothing can break your heart more than seeing an animal in danger, hurt, lonely, or abused. One such pooch has been featured in a special rescue video put out by Hope for Paws, an organization that is dedicated to the well-being of pets such as this dog that was living in a hazardous water sewer tunnel. It was dark, scary, and unhealthy for the pooch. Hope for Paws teamed up with Rescue From the Hart to save this beautiful canine.

Once the teams found the small dog lying down in the tunnel, he was so scared and nervous that he took off in the opposite direction deeper into the tunnel. However, it was a dead and end, so they worked on making sure that he was caught to get him out of there. Unfortunately, there was a second dog reported there as well, but the baby drowned before they could rescue it. This was why it was imperative to make sure the same thing didn't happen to this one.

It took a lot of time and coddling to try getting the trust of this matted dog. He finally settled down as they grabbed him up and made their way back through the water and mud to take the dog to can safety. He was wrapped up in a blanket and taken back to the facility to get a good bath and medical treatment. He also gobbled up bits of food and is now happy that he is out of that awful place.

He was given the name of Bitty and it fits him well. He is now in foster care through the Forgotten Dog Foundation. Bitty is having loads of fun playing with other rescue dogs his own size, but he needs a forever home. He is up for adoption through Forgotten Dog. They have a wonderful description of little Bitty on their site.

He is the MOST FABULOUS DOG and we cant believe we still have him, they wrote. We call him our LITTLE BOY because he acts like a kid! He loves all dogs, big and small and all people.

If you are interested in this sweet baby, be sure to contact them. He would make a great addition to a family that is looking for an awesome pooch. If that is not possible, you can always help by donating to any rescue organization such as Hope for Paws, or any of the other wonderful rescue facilities.



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